California Fine Wine for Export Worldwide

Bailey Trading Company, LLC is pleased to announce its association with a USA producer and distributor of California Fine Wine for Export Worldwide

California Fine Wine has grown to become one of the world’s most sought after and highly desirable products. The climate and soil in California, especially in the Northern part of the state, are very suitable to many varieties of grapes, both award winning and for everyday drinking. If you sell and/or import wine, and always wanted to import premium California Fine Wines of incredible taste and quality, you will want to read this.

It has always been our mission to promote exporting USA made products of superior quality and fine taste, and California Fine Wine is up there with the best.

We offer wine for worldwide export through our California Fine Wine producer and distributor including Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot, Red Wine Blends.
Whether award winning for special occasions or for everyday drinking these wines are full-bodied, well-balanced, affordable, and the perfect choice. Options for ordering are specific wine brands, private label and bulk wine.

We offer California Fine Wine for export worldwide to brick and mortar retailers, online retailers, foreign buyers, distributors and agents.

Please check with your local government for all requirements to register and import wine.

Handling, shipping, and insurance for the wine from California to your port of destination will be taken care of for you.

It is very important to ship wine in a temperature controlled container to maintain the optimum quality of the product. Wine producers want the taste of their product to be the same in the foreign countries as it is here in the USA. It is this consistency that marks and maintains the quality of their brand so when you open and drink a bottle here in the USA, it is that same taste and quality everywhere else in the world.

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