Water Purification Devices (USA Made) for Export Worldwide

Bailey Trading Company LLC is actively seeking Foreign Buyers (E-Commerce, Retailers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Agents) Worldwide who want to Purchase USA Manufactured Water Purification Devices (Bottles, Counter Top & Whole House)

Bailey Trading Company LLC, an export trading company located in Los Angeles, California, has direct relations with USA manufacturers of brand name, superior quality, water purification devices (bottles, counter top & whole house)  that produce safe, great tasting water. These products are especially important to have available if you are located in a country where most or all of your water sources are compromised, and not safe to drink or for common daily uses. They are also beneficial for camping in areas where the safety of water sources is not confirmed, and vital in emergencies when such events as hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes occur.

All arrangements for the shipping, handling and insurance will be made to anywhere in the world these USA companies will allow the goods to be shipped to.

Payment terms: 100% paid in advance by wire transfer.

Please contact us to see which brands and products are available.

Important note: These brand owners/manufacturers have limits on what countries they will allow Bailey Trading Company LLC to export their products to. Once we know what country or countries the buyer wants the goods exported to, we will ask these companies for their approval.

All of these products are manufactured in the USA.

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Seeking Buyers Worldwide for Water Purification Products

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